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Scott Davis has been telling stories his whole life. Growing up in the theater, 30+ years in the film and television business, 10 years as a professional storyteller and now creating audio stories and dramas as Scott Davis Live Studios.

Self Made Man…

The story comes from the depths of Facebook. Someone shared it with someone who shared it with someone etc, etc, etc… until a friend of mine shared it. I reposted it but it didn’t feel like enough.  So here is my audible version of it. It was originally titled A day in the life of Joe. I have renamed it, Self Made Man.

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EAS Next copy

As we at Ensemble Audio Studios continue to find our voices, it would not be possible without the help of many talented actors in our area. As we wrap our second project, EAS want to thank those voices responsible for bringing the story to life. They are, Elizabeth Michaels, Emilia Torello, Daniel Samppala, Davey Bradshaw, Fritz Fralick, Qaddir Hicks, Lily Zukerman,  Anna Gamal and Fran Keenan Tabor. A special thanks to Denise Bass Daughtry for wrangling talent. Thanks also to the actors that helped move the project forward including Carol Scudder-Danilowicz and Jonathan W. Jackson.


EAS announced today that it’s in the finishing stages of the audiobook version of Tara Lazar’s children’s book Little Red Gliding Hood from Random House.  EAS has begun offering production services for authors and publishers of younger children’s stories. “With audiobooks growing in popularity, the move to create higher quality production value for this age group is a natural progression.” responded Richard Sirianni,  producing partner at EAS. “Creating new ways to rise above the crowd in a very competitive market (children’s books), is every authors challenge. We feel we have found a price point for a high level of production quality that makes sense for authors and publishers in this genre.” , added Scott Davis, EAS producing partner..

2 samples  from the book .

scottdavislive is also Ensemble Audio Studios.


After the working success of Richard Sirianni and myself on Percy the Cat and the Big White House, we have formed Ensemble Audio Studios. EAS is committed to creating first class audio dramas and full cast audiobooks. With Percy available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes, we are in pre-production, production or post production with our future projects. Here is our latest piece, a  folk tale that transcends time with its purpose. I give you-





The Kings Child

Our Cast includes

Eric Robinson as Randall

JR Rodriguez as The King

Denise Bass as the Queen/Tzigane

Stuart Dennings as Solenger

Michael Brady as Phillip

Robin Dale Robertson as the Money Lender

Steve Vernon as the Magistrate

Kyle Davis as the Peasant

This production was Directed and Edited by Scott Davis

Production Supervisor was Richard Sirianni

Co-Produced by Denise Bass

Music by Chaz Kkoshi and Paul Mottram  Licensed through Audio Network

Percy Here, Just wanted to acknowledge all of the amazing talent that helped bring my story to life. Let these people know that you saw their name. And remember…. Share Share Share. Cast of Percy Anna Gamel Cullen Moss Anthony David Lawson Denise Bass Daughtry Ed Wagenseller Gina Gambony J.R. Rodriguez Jon Stafford Kathe Williams Kegan J. Dubar Kyle Davis Michael Brady Michelle Gagliano Reid Clark Robin Dale Robertson Scott Davis Tamica Katzmann Nathan Gray Chloe Mason Ella Pearsall Music by Kinny Landrum Percy Artwork – Stephanie Hagens Produced by Scott Davis and Richard Sirianni Written by Richard Siriannii and Scott Davis An Ensemble Audio Studios Production #scottdavislivestudios

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