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As we at Ensemble Audio Studios continue to find our voices, it would not be possible without the help of many talented actors in our area. As we wrap our second project, EAS want to thank those voices responsible for bringing the story to life. They are, Elizabeth Michaels, Emilia Torello, Daniel Samppala, Davey Bradshaw, Fritz Fralick, Qaddir Hicks, Lily Zukerman,  Anna Gamal and Fran Keenan Tabor. A special thanks to Denise Bass Daughtry for wrangling talent. Thanks also to the actors that helped move the project forward including Carol Scudder-Danilowicz and Jonathan W. Jackson.


EAS announced today that it’s in the finishing stages of the audiobook version of Tara Lazar’s children’s book Little Red Gliding Hood from Random House.  EAS has begun offering production services for authors and publishers of younger children’s stories. “With audiobooks growing in popularity, the move to create higher quality production value for this age group is a natural progression.” responded Richard Sirianni,  producing partner at EAS. “Creating new ways to rise above the crowd in a very competitive market (children’s books), is every authors challenge. We feel we have found a price point for a high level of production quality that makes sense for authors and publishers in this genre.” , added Scott Davis, EAS producing partner..

2 samples  from the book .