Something New


We all have thoughts about changing are lives. Especially if we hate our jobs. I think I hate my job. Ok hates a strong word.  Frustrated, bored , tired of, over it,  kill me now . You know,  ‘I Need Something New’. I am reminded of that fact every morning about a half hour into my work day.  So I begin to imagine a different future. A new and improved or at least updated version of me. I imagine things like, ‘ I’m  going back to school ‘or  ‘I should have never stopped playing the guitar’ or ‘I’m going to buy a motorcycle’ . After lunch I start getting a little more practical ‘I think I’m gonna  take some online classes at night’  or ‘I’m going to join a gym’ or I’m definitely going to  start eating better’. But by the time I’m leaving work it’s usually down to , “tonight I’m only gonna have 2 beers.”