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A Message From Percy The Cat

Percy the Cat

Hello friends, Percy here, I’m writing today to announce to the world that my story, Percy the Cat and the Big White House is now available for sale. I think the journey to tell this story has rivaled the actual story of my life. Ensemble Audio Studios producers Scott Davis and Richard Sirianni have gone to great lengths to bring you this entertaining tale of a talking cat (how else could I dictate this), a boy, a friendship made, lost and the journey that finds me at the biggest white house of all. My life there spans 8 presidents and their pets, a collection of characters that really did spend time in the White House. .Ensemble Audio Studios spent 6 months recording actors (28 of the areas finest talent), editing (Scott’s a little slow), and mastering (not even sure what that means). In all this story has 35 characters and runs 44 minute. You can find the audiobook download at,  iTunes and Amazon. You can also purchase the audiobook on CD at Amazon. Its the perfect traveling companion. Its so much more than a story for children.This story is really meant to be shared by the whole family.

In the mean time, would all of you please SHARE this. Likes are great but SHARING MEANS CARING. Thanks for the attention. Have a great day.

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Here’s a couple of clips

Stories…Death By Scrabble


Taking the storytelling up a notch.  Been working to finish the BIG project but wanted to put out this story and try some things Ive learned along the way.  Enjoy and PLEASE SHARE


Written by  Charlie Fish       End Music by Matt Hirt

Recorded July 3-5 2016            Ensemble Audio Theater