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Scott Davis has been telling stories his whole life. Growing up in the theater, 30+ years in the film and television business, 10 years as a professional storyteller and now creating audio stories and dramas as Scott Davis Live Studios.

Coming through, make a path….

I met a teacher today who is chasing an acting dream….This is a rational, educated, sane person who at the age of 30 something has realized that there is only one life to live and you better get busy living it. I too am chasing a dream. For about 10 years now I have started and restarted numerous times. Each time though, I’m more focused and more resolved than the last. I’ve started sharing short, short stories on this web site and am completing my new studio this week which will allow more work as I won’t have to set up and tear down each time. In otherwords, I have removed another obstacle from my path. What obstacles are in your way? What’s holding you back?


A funny thing happens every time we want to share ourselves….We doubt there is enough “interesting” in our words. Truth is, every thing we are, everything in our world started with simple sentences, simple ideas… powerful words…..Remember that. Words have power, even the simplest phrase…

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